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Private chauffeur Terms

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The company Mon Chauffeur Privé™ hereinafter referred, M.C.P, offers companies and individuals the sale and the realization of a transport service in Paris, throughout France and Europe. This method of sale put in place requires an active approach on the part of a customer identifiated by his name or business name, his telephone number and his address for his own account or on behalf of one or more third parties.

Act.1 Booking Terms and Conditions

A pre- booking is required to order a transfer by car or limousine with chauffeur. It can be done  by all available means. The reservation will become contractual after the offer is accepted by the customer and according to our availability. In the event that a customer wants a paper bill at the end of his travel, a mail  invoice copy will automatically be send to him.

Act . 2 Terms and Conditions

By giving you one of our vehicles driven exclusively by one of our drivers, MCP wants to  provide you a hight quality service. Expressed prices are gross prices . The price of services includes insurance, fuel, maintenance of the vehicle and driver services. Others disbursements are not included in the estimate ( catering, accommodation, vignette pass to travel in a country ) They will be charged in additio .

The driver optimizes the route according to customer under normal conditions of road traffic . The initial calculation of the duration (per minute) and distance (per meter) of the route is done by Internet (We are not responsible of the changes to the road network). At the request of the customer , route and services can be adapted at any time , the route recalculation is then performed by discrete system of geo-location or according to customer specifications .

In case of modification of previously validated specifications and before the actual start of the service, a new estimate taking into account the requested changes will be published and sent to the customer before delivery . In case of change of the specifications during the delivery , a new quote will be published and sent to the customer for the new service.

The aforementioned new estimate implies full acceptance by the customer, the traceability of course certifying . At least the customer will be charged with a minimum of the amount initially agreed. The mileage is counted from departure and return to the garage. The vehicles start sector is the closest parking of the passengers starting point. Additional services are available to make your comfortable trip with a limit of 999 minutes per service per day (Hold, support ... ) . They are detailed in the quote given to you .

MCP reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice .

In case of any increase in prices

- These are not applied if an estimate is valid (15 days after the date of issue) .

- They are not applied to customers with a valid package facilitating access to their recurrent reservations or long periods.

Rate increases (Only for few towns) :

They are calculated based on the portion of the majority time delivery (transport + Additional services) realized in the timeframe in question.

Day from 7h to 19h = * 1

Night from 19h to 00 = * 1.25

Night from 00h to 7h = * 1.35

Sundays and holidays from 8am to 19h = * 1.25

Sundays and holidays from 19h to 00h = * 1.35

Sundays and holidays from 00h to 8h = * 1.40

Act . 3 Carryforwards Pass and discounts

Carryforwards packages give you a discount on the price of private Driver services ( transport and additional offers) depending on the volume of purchase. Their payments are made in the same time than first order . Any subscription to a new package requires the simultaneous application of a reservation.

To take advantage of discounts related to packages, the amount of the remaining balance of your package must be positive and higher than the price before discount of the service to be performed. In case of exceeding the remaining available especially when a change of course to the customer's request , no commercial gesture will be applied and no compensation will be payable balance to the client. Our tariff simulation tool is available to adjust the validity of your packages before each journey .

The early renewal of a package can apply a new discount corresponding to it and activate it on the aggregate balance ( New Balance + Balance remaining ) . Within a package subscribed per day per person, for a total aggregate amount not exceeding € 999 HT.

Discounts packages carryforwards apply throughout our offers except for transport by minibus for which your package, if you have one, is counting on the part concerned. However, if the rest of your plan balance is positive after a provision or a trip by minibus , the discount is applicable for the following quote.

At your request it is your responsibility to use your customer reference to access your account. Your customer reference is personal and confidential. MCP disclaims all liability for use of third party access codes.

Packages are registered , accumulated and carried forward indefinitely as a result of a credit balance to a subscribed package , the validity of its associated discount is unlimited in time. The unit prices used in the preparation of a final quote price are those of the day of the subscription to a new package or its renewal . They are guaranteed for a period of 3 months at date of purchase . Beyond this deadline , unit prices used to establish the final price of a quote are those from the date they become effective .

After each service actually performed , an invoice is automatically sent to the customer to enable him to follow his remaining available balance .

Note: Discounts are applicable on price from 30 € to 80 € for single way, from 31 € to 150 € on Go Back and from 29 € to 120 € in Go Back Deferred the day on weekdays. The (D) package is necessarily connected to a complementary Service.

All inclusive offers :

These offers reserved for professionals correspond to a fixed rate including mileage and additional services in a given period . This is the Pro Packages for evening, half day and full day . If progress schedule management , the Pro package intialy validated is neither increased nor divided, or discounted within the duration of the subscribed package. In case of exceeding the duration for a pro package , overtime is neither divided nor discounted and payment will be required in addition to the Pro package initially validated. The hours are counted from the start to the finish.

Act . 4 Cancellation

The cancellation of a reservation must also be sent by mail, fax or e -mail.

• Cancellation J -2: free ( *)

• Cancellation J -1 : 30% of the service ( *)

• Cancellation J : 100% of the service ( *)

- Comments:

1 ) Any service started is due.

2) Any service billed after an actual reservation of a client is due. In the absence of the customer on the agreed place and time of the service booked and if it has not informed beforehand MCP , the initial amount of the benefit is due plus an additional 10 % of the estimate.

Act . 5 Luggage

The amount of luggage is proportional to the capacity of the vehicle. Luggage are allowed a maximum of 12 kg per person transported and remain under the care and responsibility of clients ( 12 kg maximum , similar to that imposed by the acceptance criteria luggage weight airlines weight : for all baggage exceeding 12 kg contact us beforehand ) . We are not responsible for the oversight or theft of luggage or valuables left in the vehicle.

Baggage must not present a risk of damage to the vehicle and will be placed in the luggage compartment. Any part of the damaged vehicle will be charged.

Act . 6 Force majeure

Execution by MCP of all or part of its obligations shall be suspended and responsibility can not be engaged in case of occurrence of an event of unforeseeable and irresistible force majeure within the meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil Code which would impede or delay execution. MCP inform the customer of such cases within 48 hours.

Act . 7 Confidentiality

MCP agrees not to disclose any information obtained in the course where the occasion of its duties and / or detrimental to the client or customer of this one.

The parties expressly agree that no relationship of subordination can be recognized between the client and the provider .

Act . 8 Conditions settlement

Any transport service is payable once the destination reached by the following means of payment: bank tranfer, cash, credit card remote or on board with Amex, check (Except for a first order). In case of default of payment by the deadline indicated on the invoice , any delay in payment will result in the application of penalties for late payment of 12% of the total amount of the invoice will be due the next day under penalty of increase of 2 % per day delay . An advance payment will be required for first mission.

For customers who have an account in our company, the settlement will be payable according to the terms defined between the two parties.

Note :

Pets are allowed but only in a cage provided for this purpose . MCP requires compliance with the laws in force for its drivers . In any case it can not be asked to commit offenses. Any damage to the interior or other damage to the vehicle or third party equipment, such as opening doors, you will be charged. Be vigilant the driver is there to help you. MCP reserves the right to subcontract its services to companies referenced "High level of services" and to transmit contact information to the selected partners for ensuring a smooth running of service. In case of dispute, the Tribunal de Commerce de Saint Etienne will have sole jurisdiction .

(* ) Payments deposit : Any cancellation by the guest book , for whatever reason within two (2) days of departure, it leads to the loss of the deposit, as an compensation fixed and irreducible . For cancellations more than 2 (two ) days, the rembourssement the deposit is charged € 50 + bank transaction costs.

Legal informations :

MON CHAUFFEUR PRIVE is a limited liability company with a capital of 1500 euros, the head office is 31 rue Georges Clémenceau, 42100 Saint-Etienne, registered in the Trade and Companies Register under n ° 829 025 865 and represented by its legal representative in exercise authorized to effect already.

The publication director is the manager of the company. The WWW.MON-CHAUFFEUR-PRIVE.FR site is hosted by one.com A / S kalvebod Brygge 45 1560 COPENHAGEN V DENMARK.

For any claim, you can contact M William Ryckaert, the legal representative of the company electronically or by post mail.

Protection of personal data

No personal information is collected without your knowledge . No personal information is sold to third parties. No personal information is used for unauthorized purposes. The information you requested when simulate on the site are required to access these documents. Addresses all types ( postal or electronic ) may not be sold under any circumstances to third parties or disclosed to unauthorized purposes. Pursuant to Article 27 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, you have a right of access for you to the manager of the publication and in the requirements of Article 34 of the said Act . To exercise this right, the customer can send us an email from the contact form in the 'Contact' .

Modification of Site :

We reserve the right to modify or correct the contents of this site and this legal notice at any time and without notice.

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